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Harmful Effects of Supplements for Weight Loss

How cool would it be to take a pill and become slim and fit immediately! Especially since the range of such resources is huge Today. In this article we will cover what miracle components contained in dietary supplements for weight loss and whether they are harmful or not.

Dietary supplements components


Nowadays dietary supplements components can be very different by their nature. For example, L-carnitine, commonly found in dietary supplements for weight loss, is an enzyme that the body produces. This is a natural anabolic. With age, the synthesis of L-carnitine can be reduced. A green coffee extract, is credited with a truly magical properties, in my opinion, is totally useless for weight loss supplement, which also can lead to high blood pressure.

Some other components found in a number of dietary supplements generally cause issues. It is synephrine, which is an analogue of the banned ephedrine. Forscolin affecting the thyroid work and therefore totally unacceptable without the advice of an endocrinologist. The components can affect the metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger and provide side effects, not always beneficial to the body. Therefore, taking any dietary supplements for weight loss must be agreed with the doctor.

Can plant-based ingredients in the composition of dietary supplements be harmful?

Vegetable origin can not be a guarantee of security. Many poisons are also herbal. Extracts of plants superfudy, algae, cellulose and similar components, of course, have a number of positive properties. However, their acceptance in the form of powders or capsules are unlikely to be effective. Include in your diet the same algae or cellulose in the form of vegetables and wholemeal bread.

Does the use of supplements for weight loss involves a combination with a diet?

Dietary supplements are useless without changing your diet first. Nevertheless, do not harass your body with very strict limits. It is necessary to change the eating habits. Create a new healthy eating habits automatism. Only under this condition you will be able not only to reduce the weight, but also to keep it the same.

What about a calorie and carb blockers? It turns out that it is possible, without changing eating habits, just take them and lose weight?

Such blockers have proven their non-effectiveness. There is a medicine that blocks the lipase (enzyme digesting fat), and when it is receiving 30% of fat from food is not digested, but the remaining 70% is still digestible.

What about vegetable laxative drugs?

To reduce weight, they are simply unacceptable and could be a marker of severe eating disorders such as bulimia.

Do Supplements are comprehensive programs at clinics?

Yes, doctors can prescribe vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, but only after a medical examination. The effectiveness of these supplements on condition of simultaneous diet correction proved great results with weight loss.

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How to speed up metabolism and lose weight without counting calories

How many people can boast that they eat sweets without restrictions and do not count carbohydrates and do not gain weight? Most often, the opposite happens (especially for the beautiful half of humanity). We sit on various strict diets, starve sometimes, but the weight is reduced very slowly or even gets increased by a few pounds. Some lucky women do manage to lose weight, but to keep the same weight over time is extremely difficult.

Counting calories

Counting calories

What’s happening? What’s the matter? Often the cause of excess weight is a slow metabolism (metabolism). Therefore, to lose weight, we do not seal the mouth with tape, but we adjust the metabolic processes in the body, in other words we need to accelerate metabolism.

What is metabolism?



Metabolism is a variety of chemical processes (reactions) in the body associated with the processing of dietary nutrients and their transformation into simple small particles. These particles do penetrate into the cells and release energy at the same time for normal life. As well as getting rid of unnecessary waste cell elements and supply building materials. All processes occur in the cells and intercellular liquid.

Slow metabolism is a low rate of metabolism in the body, and therefore fewer calories burned (conversion of nutrients into energy) for a certain period of time. Therefore, in a situation with excess weight at a slow metabolism unspent calories are deposited in reserve, forming a cute wrinkles and double chin.

Factors affecting metabolism

  • Age.

Over the years, the metabolic rate is reduced. Therefore, the older you get, the harder it will be to lose weight. With age, the need to more closely relate more to our lifestyle, diet and habits.

  • Floor.

In men, the metabolism is much faster than in women. This is due to a large presence of the hormone testosterone, which contribute to the formation and maintenance of muscle mass.

  • Heredity.

Diseases and metabolic disorders can be congenital. It is caused by malfunctioning genes.

  • Thyroid disease.

The intensity of metabolism decreases in diseases involving low thyroid function.

  • Weight and height.

The greater the weight, the more energy you need to maintain it and, consequently, higher number of calories burned. Therefore: the larger the person, the faster his metabolism.

  • Activity.

It affects the rate of metabolism, and physical activity level. The more moving, the higher the rate of metabolism, as energy demand increases.

  • Stress.

Prolonged exposure to stress, nervous tension and depression also leads to a decrease in metabolic rate. This also can be attributed to the stress of the body during sleep deprivation and starvation.

In order to lose weight, you need to take into account all these factors, to know your metabolic rate in a state of rest and accordingly expect a number of necessary actions to achieve a positive result.

How to eat to speed up metabolism

how to eat to improve metabolism

Power to speed up metabolism

  1. Firstly, keep the interval between meals in 3-4 hours and try to eat small portions. You can take snacks in between, fruits and nuts will be the best, but not biscuits and cakes.
  2. Second, do not overeat! It is not necessary to consume the daily norm of calories at once. It should be evenly distributed on all meals and snacks throughout the day.
  3. Third, pay attention to the quality of the food. Eat more fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is desirable to eliminate the very fatty, smoked, salted, and products with a lot of sugar. Limit flour. By reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to burn more calories, fats and proteins are processed into glucose, which is necessary to replenish the body with energy. Still it is necessary to exclude alcohol. It slows down the metabolism.
  4. Fourth, in any case do not opt for a very strict diets and intensive training. Since the body in such a case gets under stress and reacts to it by decreasing metabolism and the accumulation of strategic stocks. In this cell loses its nutritional standards, leading to the development of many diseases.

Drink plenty of cold water

Pay attention to how much you drink per day of pure water (not including tea, coffee, juices, etc.). The daily rate should be at least 2 liters. Water is involved in all chemical processes in the body, therefore, because of its lack of metabolism slows down.

What you need to drink cold water? To warm it up to body temperature, the body will need more energy, and therefore, will burn more calories.

Accelerate metabolism with physical activity

Physical exercise to accelerate metabolism
The less physically active you are, the slower your metabolism. Therefore, to accelerate it we need the exercises that increase a heart rate. Carrying them in continuous vigorous pace for at least 30 minutes. You can speed up the metabolism, improve blood circulation and burn some calories. We run in the mornings and / or evenings, we go on a bike, walk for at least 35-40 min., Go up the stairs, doing gymnastics.

In the long term strength training will accelerate the metabolism (ie, exercise with weights). Load with weights helps build muscles. To maintain the muscles body needs significantly more calories than to maintain the fat (for 1 kg of muscle by approximately 73 calories per day more than the same weight of fat). Therefore, the higher your percentage of the body fat relative to lean body mass, the more intense is metabolism.

Following activities also stimulate the metabolism: regular sex, massage, contrast showers, a hot bath (stay in it no more than 10-15 min.), Wet wiping, visit bath or sauna. As well as walks in the fresh air and sunlight.

Myths associated with metabolism

  1. Some people believe that there are products (eg, grapefruit, celery, pineapple) that burn fat.
    It is a myth. In fact, there is a high thermic effect of food. This is when the body spends a certain amount of energy for digestion and assimilation of a certain product.
    High thermal effect are foods that contain complex carbohydrates (raw vegetables), fiber, proteins, the processing of which a lot of energy is consumed. Low thermal effect from the products almost immediately digested, such as sugar, alcohol.
  2. Tea and coffee is excellent to stimulate the metabolism.
    No. The use of these drinks provides only short-term results, significantly speeding up the metabolism. Also do not forget about the negative effects of excess caffeine consumption. Therefore, if you are a coffee lover, it is necessary to confine 2-4 cups a day.
    On the other hand, an excellent alternative to the coffee is a green tea. Due to the combined effects of catechins and caffeine, green tea has an excellent effect to accelerate metabolism and burn fat.
  3. Instead of sugar is better to use substitutes.
    This is not recommended, as it does not help to the weight loss, but also may harm the metabolic processes in the body.

A few caveats

For pregnant women and nursing mothers are contraindicated intense physical exercise, a hot bath, douche, sauna. And the daily calorie intake is much higher. For accelerate and improve metabolism better talk to your doctor.

Do not use smoking for weight loss. It may reduce weight insignificantly, while does a serious harm to the body.

Do not go overboard with losing the extra pounds. It is impossible to lose weight dramatically. The loss of more than 0.5 kg per week is injurious to health. So before you change something in the diet or physical activity, consult with a specialist.

A quick recap in this short video:

Do not forget that the less weight, the slower is metabolism.

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Seven tips for eating right and feel well all day

A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, it helps to normalize weight, become fit and to achieve body harmony. Following the simple guidelines of this article, you will easily correct your diet and you will look and feel better than ever before!

Strive for a balance

Healthy Diet Ratio

Healthy Diet Ratio

In the dreams of slender body people try different diets: low-carbs, protein, and many others. Unfortunately, all these diets give temporary results and weight quickly returns. Sometimes the effect is opposite to the expected, and instead of losing weight people start getting health issues.

The truth is that food should be balanced. To feel good, you need to provide the body with the whole spectrum of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro- and micro-elements.

Optimally, according to the American dietician Robert Haas (Robert Haas), the ratio is 50 – 25 – 25. This means that the daily diet should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 25% of the protein and 25% of the fat.

Follow the diet

How to eat healthy and follow the diet

How to eat healthy and follow the diet

How to eat healthy and follow the diet

Fats work on the new cells construction, they are responsible for hormones production, water exchange and vitamins transport. Fatty acids are divided into two groups: saturated and unsaturated. The first is harmful to the health, as they deposit on the walls of blood vessels and increase the level of “bad” cholesterol.

Unsaturated fatty acids are useful as they perform the functions described above. However, some fatty acids such as omega-3 are not synthesized by the body and it may come only with the food. Therefore, you should try to get only the healthy fats in your daily diet. These are contained in avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts, fish and other marine products.

Protein is a main construction material of the body, and not only the cell, but for the enzymes and hormones. Protein helps build muscles, have strong bones, beautiful hair and nails.

Proteins can be animal or plant. It is estimated that two-thirds of the daily required protein must be ingested from animal food (lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products), the rest from a plant protein (beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables).

Carbohydrates is the main energy supplier. Carbohydrate-rich food should form at least 50% of the ration. Don’t get scared with this number, as this includes the fiber, vitamins and minerals; they are often concentrated in carbohydrate-rich foods.

Carbohydrates are divided into simple (and quick) and complex (slow). The complex ones split slower and provide lasting energy. Therefore it is recommended to eat porridge or muesli for a breakfast to stay fed and full of energy until the lunch time.

Simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and provide instant energy influx. They are irreplaceable when you need to energize and rejuvenate. For example, if after exercise you drink a glass of sweet drink such as cola or eat a few slices of chocolate, you fell almost no fatigue. The fact that sugar in the digestive tract is cleaved to glucose, and this is the most simple carbohydrate and a source of quick energy.

Eat in one and the same time

Dinner time

Dinner time

One of the causes of excess weight is the energy dis-balance. This is when a person uses less energy than it consumes.

Energy is necessary to ensure the functioning of internal organs, to maintain a constant body temperature and muscle tone. It is measured in kilo-calories. Adult healthy person should consume about 2500 calories per day. It is averaged data as individual value is calculated on the basis of age and anthropomorphic parameters.

Now imagine: all day you spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, ignoring hunger. In the evening, finally we got to the food, we start eating everything and a lot. Shortly after dinner, we went to the bed. This feeding behavior leads to energy imbalance and, as a consequence, to excessive weight.

To avoid this, try to eat several times a day at the same time each day. Never skip breakfast as this is the most important meal.

A nutritious breakfast not only gives strength, but also catalyzes the launch of the “sleeping” metabolism, increases efficiency and improves mood.

Try to launch between one and four PM. Make sure you have soups as soup has beneficial effects on digestion and helps maintain the water balance. After all most of the required body fluids we get with the food. If it does not work well for you to have a lunch, and your powers are already on wane, eat a protein bar or drink some sweet soda. They will help to hold out until dinner.

Take the last meal no later than two or three hours before bedtime. Going to bed with a full stomach will violate the energy balance, may cause tossing and possibly even have problems with digestion.

Stay active



Thus, 2,500 kilo-calories required to maintain the basic metabolic processes. But the higher the degree of physical activity, the more energy is needed to the body.

For example, an hour of cleaning will consume additional 160 k cal for a normal adult. The same time spent on a bike ride will burn 370 calories and for treadmill workout will consume about 700 kcal. Details about the calorie consumption according to the load can be found in our infographic.

Recover after a physical activity using a can of fruit juice or soda. Both drinks contain sugar, which is fast carbohydrate source of glucose. Thanks to the sugar, these drinks are a source of quick energy. But do not forget about the daily rate of sugar consumption, make sure you don’t pass 65 g/ day. Keep track of the amount of sugar contained in the food and drinks. For guideline mango nectar has 14.5 g sugar per 100 ml, Coca-Cola has 10,6 g per 100 ml and orange juice has about 13 g per 100 ml.

Drink enough

Drink more water

Drink more water

The organism consists 55-65% of water. Hydration is very important for health. Dehydration by only 2% significantly reduces efficiency and 4% dehydration leads to lethargy and apathy. Individual rate is calculated as follows: 40 ml per kilogram of body weight.

Increase fluid intake is necessary in hot weather and during exercise.

To maintain the water balance can be any beverages: juice, sweet drinks such as cola, tea, sparkling water. All of them have the 85-99% of water and perfectly quenches thirst and saturate the cells of vital moisture.

Snack correctly



Full dinner time is not yet come, but the feeling of hunger already looms. What to do? Refreshments! But no rolls and sandwiches. To snack without a harm, it must be right. Keep on hand apples, bananas, nuts, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or hard-boiled eggs. This is incredibly useful and nutritious foods that help to cope with hunger.

Also, do not keep junk food at home. Chips, Twinkies, popcorn are all tasty and sometimes you can afford them. Even if you have a steel willpower, a moment will come when it will crack. Better is not to keep temptations at home.

Do not expect instant changes

“I will eat well and immediately become slim and healthy” this is the mental trap into which fall almost everyone who tries to make their diet more balanced.

However, the development and consolidation of a healthy food system requires a methodical and rather prolonged work on oneself.
Do not expect instant results!

Lightness and harmony will come gradually and you will notice the positive changes for sure.

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