Harmful Effects of Supplements for Weight Loss

How cool would it be to take a pill and become slim and fit immediately! Especially since the range of such resources is huge Today. In this article we will cover what miracle components contained in dietary supplements for weight loss and whether they are harmful or not.

Dietary supplements components


Nowadays dietary supplements components can be very different by their nature. For example, L-carnitine, commonly found in dietary supplements for weight loss, is an enzyme that the body produces. This is a natural anabolic. With age, the synthesis of L-carnitine can be reduced. A green coffee extract, is credited with a truly magical properties, in my opinion, is totally useless for weight loss supplement, which also can lead to high blood pressure.

Some other components found in a number of dietary supplements generally cause issues. It is synephrine, which is an analogue of the banned ephedrine. Forscolin affecting the thyroid work and therefore totally unacceptable without the advice of an endocrinologist. The components can affect the metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger and provide side effects, not always beneficial to the body. Therefore, taking any dietary supplements for weight loss must be agreed with the doctor.

Can plant-based ingredients in the composition of dietary supplements be harmful?

Vegetable origin can not be a guarantee of security. Many poisons are also herbal. Extracts of plants superfudy, algae, cellulose and similar components, of course, have a number of positive properties. However, their acceptance in the form of powders or capsules are unlikely to be effective. Include in your diet the same algae or cellulose in the form of vegetables and wholemeal bread.

Does the use of supplements for weight loss involves a combination with a diet?

Dietary supplements are useless without changing your diet first. Nevertheless, do not harass your body with very strict limits. It is necessary to change the eating habits. Create a new healthy eating habits automatism. Only under this condition you will be able not only to reduce the weight, but also to keep it the same.

What about a calorie and carb blockers? It turns out that it is possible, without changing eating habits, just take them and lose weight?

Such blockers have proven their non-effectiveness. There is a medicine that blocks the lipase (enzyme digesting fat), and when it is receiving 30% of fat from food is not digested, but the remaining 70% is still digestible.

What about vegetable laxative drugs?

To reduce weight, they are simply unacceptable and could be a marker of severe eating disorders such as bulimia.

Do Supplements are comprehensive programs at clinics?

Yes, doctors can prescribe vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, but only after a medical examination. The effectiveness of these supplements on condition of simultaneous diet correction proved great results with weight loss.